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Since 1950, Don McNea Fire School's custom-designed firefighter practice tests and entry-level seminars have helped over 60,000 firefighter and promotional applicants attain that ultimate edge.

The Ultimate Firefighter Exam Package provides you with the best tools for the entire firefighter entry-level examination process – the written, physical agility, psychological, and oral interview - to dramatically increase your chances of finishing in the top 5% to gain that coveted fire department badge.

The Ultimate Firefighter Exam Package Includes:

  • Don McNea Fire School’s Encyclopedia of Firefighter Examinations  (normally priced $29.95)
    • Our number one selling entry-level written exam book! This book contains over 243 pages and over 500 questions.  
    • What makes the Encyclopedia of Firefighter Examinations unique is that it is divided into 16 testing subjects common to today's 21st century firefighter examination. For example, a fire applicant who is taking an examination on reading comprehension, math, human relations, deductive reasoning, and visualization can go to those specific sections in our book, read our high scoring test-taking strategies before each subject, and then take the practice examinations. 
    • With this format, the fire applicant will be better prepared by concentrating on the specific testing subjects for their examination.  
  • Capt. Bob's Becoming a Firefighter: The Complete Guide to Your Badge. This book is a step-by-step, everything you need to know about the process of becoming a firefighter, starting with the application, written, physical, oral, psych interview, background, polygraph and medical to help you gain that coveted badge. (normally priced $29.95)
  • Capt. Bob’s Conquer the Job Interview – The number one firefighter interview exam prep in the country! Discover the inside secrets of interview ideas that have been tested, proven and worked for thousands of applicants who are now firefighters. The “nugget” oral interview principle enables applicants to personalize their presentations to separate them from cloned candidates. (normally priced $49.95)
  • Don McNea Fire School's Psychological Written Test Preparation (normally priced $29.95) & Capt Bob’s Psychological Oral Exam Preparation  (normally priced $29.95)
    • This program gives you the inside of what the psychologists are looking for in successful fire candidates.  In this over 50-page workbook, we examine over 80 questions from each of the key personality traits of a firefighter. With each question, we provide you with suggested answers and explanations to put you in the mindset of what the psychologists are looking for.  
    • If you are preparing for the MMPI I or II (Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventory) this Firefighter Psychological Test Prep will dramatically increase your psychological test score.
  • Don McNea Fire School’s Firefighter Hiring Guide Notebook 
    • Firefighter examination preparation strategies and our top-scoring test-taking strategies.
    • Our top-scoring physical agility strategies
    •'s fire department information sheets which allow you to keep track of phone numbers, addresses, test dates, special requirements, and other pertinent information you will need to prepare before the examination.
    • List of the top 150 major fire departments including their addresses and phone numbers so that you can keep track of the most current exam information.


To dramatically increase your chances of scoring in the top percentile on your exam and getting that coveted badge, we are including the following FREE digital download products:

  • Don McNea Fire School's Reading Comprehension and Mathematics Book.  Normally available HERE for $19.95! 
    •  Contains over 200 multiple-choice questions from every reading comprehension format used in examinations across the country. We also include our top-scoring strategies to help you increase your examination scores.
    • The mathematics section contains over 200 multiple-choice questions with, most importantly, a step-by-step instructional review for each question. This instructional will help you determine how the answer was obtained so you don’t make the same mistake again if you got it wrong!
  • Don McNea Fire School’s How to Become a Firefighter Booklet which contains over 100 articles from the nation’s top entry-level authors.  These articles cover the written, oral, psychological, physical agility and much more – click HERE for a look at the table of contents.

Time and time again, research has shown that the top scoring firefighter applicants have a game plan. They are preparing well in advance for the written, physical agility, psychological, and oral portions of the examination as well as reviewing top scoring test-taking strategies that will give them an edge over their competition.

You want every tool available to gain your fire department badge – we want to help!

Our final comments…

Why take one more test and be disappointed in the final outcome? You need to do a self-analysis on where you are in the process and tell yourself, "I want to dramatically improve my chances on all aspects of the firefighter exam process to put me in that coveted top 5 percentile today!"

Now it's up to you - you can fall into two categories. One is the 90% of fire applicants who never prepare for an examination and are extremely disappointed in their results.

Or, are you going to be in that 10% that starts preparing for the examination early and are confident, relaxed and ready to meet this very important testing challenge? That 10% represents most fire applicants that get the job - those that really want it!

Remember that luck goes to the prepared!

If you are not completely satisfied, we will refund 100% of product cost - no questions asked! This website is run by Chief Officers and Firefighters that have done everything to make sure your purchase and privacy are secure.

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