Becoming a Firefighter - The Complete Guide to Your Badge

Author – Fire Captain Bob

This book is dedicated to those who possess the burning desire to acquire a firefighter badge and become one of the last of America’s heroes.

If you really want a firefighter job you will want to have every tool available to shorten the learning curve between you and that badge! Becoming A Firefighter contains information that has helped over 2,200 candidates nail their badges! Step by step, everything you need to know in the process, starting with the application, written, physical, oral, psych interview, background, polygraph, and medical to gain a badge. In this book, you will find the inside “nuggets,” tips and resources you can’t get anywhere else to shorten the learning curve and the distance between you and that badge.


  • The Problem is Poor Oral Board Skills!
  • Applications
  • Resumes
  • Written Tests
  • Physical Agility
  • Oral Board Preparation
  • Attire
  • The Oral Interview
  • Station Visits/Ride Alongs
  • Speaking Skills
  • Sample Thirty Plus Oral Board Questions
  • Chief’s Oral
  • Medical
  • Special Report Conquer the Psychological Interview
  • The Lie Behind the Lie Detector
  • Background Appeal
  • Fire Academy
  • Don’t Forget the Home Front
  • New Rookie
  • Hope is the Anchor for the soul!
  • The Formula to Get a Badge