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With many municipalities across the country requiring EMT, Paramedic, and/or Firefighter I & II certifications, on our How to Become a Firefighter page and on the link below, we have a list of over 250 fire colleges that offer classes towards these certifications.  We also suggest that you do a Google search in your area to determine schools close to you that also offer these programs.

How to Become a Firefighter

List of Fire Colleges

EMT/Paramedic Certifications

Becoming an EMT is the first step; after that, your next step is to become a Paramedic.  Click on the following links for more information about these fields…



When you are going through the hiring process to become a firefighter, it looks much better on your resume to have both of these certifications.  In many instances, you are not even able to apply to become a firefighter without them.  This is why we strongly suggest that if the opportunity allows that you become a Paramedic and a Certified Firefighter.

After you have completed the required coursework for both EMT and Paramedic, you will have to pass a national registry test to become certified.

Most applicants fail the first or second time taking these national certification exams.  By practicing with sample questions, it will dramatically increase your chances of passing. 

We have done research and found what we believe are the best websites to help you prepare for your EMT/Paramedic national registry exams.









EMT/Paramedic Blog Sites you may be interested in…


Firefighter I & II

Firefighter I & II educational requirements identify and recognize emergency service personnel whose accomplishment in training and education meet or exceed nationally-recognized standards.  National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) 1001 is standard for fire professional qualifications.

For those of you who have completed Firefighter I and II training, each of these require a national registry exam to become a certified firefighter.  This is what we believe is the final step in the complete package of your preparation to become a firefighter – you’ve achieved both your EMT/Paramedic and Firefighter I and II certifications.

Again, this is another step where many individuals fail the first or second time taking these national certification exams.  By practicing with sample questions, it will dramatically increase your chances of passing. 

We believe the following link offers the best exam prep to help you prepare you for the Firefighter I & II exams:


EMS & Fire Continuing Education Credits

CSUtest.com provides online EMS & Fire continuing education. Our EMS continuing education is accepted everywhere - CAPCE accredited as listed on our website. We provide both F3 and F5 EMS CE course formats. We also provide online firefighter CE which generally needs approved by the authority having jurisdiction. Once you get your certifications, keep them with CSUtest.com.

Below are some additional links to help you in your pursuit of becoming a firefighter...

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