Wichita Falls, Texas
FireTeam/Ergometrics Human Relations Exam Preparation


Wichita Falls Fire Department
1005 Bluff Street
Wichita Falls TX 76301

Don McNea Fire School has a highly-intensive preparatory package for this portion of your testing process.  99% of applicants have never taken this type of Human Relations Examination before.  You will practice with over 40 scenarios and over 80 questions. 

Your Opportunity

The cost of the FireTeam Exam Prep is only $39.95!  It is available by Immediate Digital Download so that you may begin studying immediately or it can be mailed to you by US Priority Mail (2-3 business days) for an additional $6.95 shipping.

When considering the cost of the exam prep, view it as an investment in your future or the future of your family! Your investment will actually be returned to you in your first hours as a firefighter! In the job market today, there are not many employment opportunities that offer the same competitive salary, benefits, chance for advancement and job security as the career of a firefighter does.  

Testimonials from Successful Students

  • "I took the FireTeam exam twice and failed miserably.  My dream department was testing and there was no way I was going to score that low again.  I did an internet search and found your exam prep.  My exam score increased dramatically and put me in the top 5 on the eligibility list.  I really can't say thank you enough!"
  • "The exam prep for the Human Relations was well worth the price I paid!  I would have paid 10 times this amount to have this kind of insight into the exam."

Our Final Thoughts…

You have to ask yourself the following question ~ Will I be adequately prepared for the FireTeam Ergometrics Human Relations Exam to increase my chances of moving on to the next phase towards becoming a firefighter?