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Firefighter Exam Preparation

Los Angeles County Fire Department
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Los Angeles CA 90063

Human Resources Department
Los Angeles County
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Los Angeles CA 90012

Since 1950, Don McNea Fire School has successfully prepared over 60,000 applicants for firefighter examinations across the country.

The test consultant for your Los Angeles County Firefighter Exam will be PSI Services.


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This highly-intensive preparatory package includes over 400 in-depth custom-designed multiple-choice practice examination questions specifically developed for the Los Angeles County Firefighter Exam given by PSI Services - THIS IS NOT GENERIC TESTING!


This section will be the key to your success on the Los Angeles County Firefighter Examination!  

This portion of the exam evaluates aspects of your approach to work-related situations and behaviors, including attributes such as conscientiousness, managing work pressure, getting along with others, and trustworthiness. 

Applicants are failing this type of examination across the country at a rate of 60-70%!  Why is that?  Because the number one failure on this type of examination is not knowing what information the examiner is looking for in this type of examination format. 99% of Los Angeles County firefighter applicants have never taken an exam like this.

In our Work Orientation Examination, we also identify major personality traits and characteristics of a successful firefighter and we address specific reasons why candidates with excellent credentials are failing these types of exams.

Our Work Orientation practice examination contains over 150 questions.  With each question, we provide you with suggested answers and explanations that put you in the mindset of what the examiners are looking for in top-scoring applicants.

In addition, we have put together over 250 practice examination questions and test-taking strategies specifically structured for the Los Angeles County Firefighter Examination's additional testing subjects:

  • Written Expression
  • Mechanical Comprehension
  • Report Interpretation
  • Reading Comprehension



To dramatically increase your chances of finishing in the top percentile, we will include the download bonus material FREE with your purchase.  

  • Encyclopedia of Firefighter Examinations – Over 500 questions divided into 16 of the most common testing subjects used on exams around the country. Sold HERE normally for $29.95! 
  • Don McNea Fire School’s How to Become a Firefighter Booklet which contains over 100 articles from the nation’s top entry-level authors.  These articles cover the written, oral, psychological, physical agility and much more – click HERE for a look at the table of contents.
  • Don McNea Fire School’s Firefighter Hiring Guide Notebook
    • Firefighter examination preparation strategies and our top-scoring test-taking and physical agility strategies.
    • Top-scoring oral interview strategies and sample questions.
    • FirePrep.com's fire department information sheets which allow you to keep track of phone numbers, addresses, test dates, special requirements, and other pertinent information you will need to prepare before the examination.
    • List of the top 150 major fire departments including their addresses and phone numbers so that you can keep track of the most current exam information.  


Your investment in this exam prep package will actually be returned to you in your first two hours as a firefighter! When considering the cost of this preparatory package, view it as an investment in your future and the future of your family.

Successful candidates who have used this product had this to say:

  • "The exam prep for the Work Orientation alone was well worth the price I paid.  I would have paid 5 times that much to have this kind of insight into the exam!"
  • "The price examination material was extremely informative and it was the perfect prep for the test.  For someone like me who has been out of school and testing for 6 years, I had no idea what to expect on the Work Orientation Exam.  It was a great help, especially since each question had an explanation.  It helped me through the entire test."
  • "All I can say is this - without preparing with this exam prep package, specifically the insight into the Work Orientation exam, I know I would have failed this exam."