Since 1950, Don McNea Fire School has successfully prepared over 60,000 applicants for firefighter examinations across the country.

Cleveland Fire Department Promotional Exam Prep


Don McNea Fire School has been conducting promotional classes for the Cleveland Fire Department for over 30 years.  We are once again offering exam prep for the 2024 promotional cycle.

Lieutenant/Captain At-Home Exam Preparation:

The exam prep will include over 1,750 custom-designed questions on the following written exam material:

  • Fire Officer's Handbook of Tactics, 5th, Norman
  • Fire Officer’s Principles and Practices, 4th, Michael Ward

This includes over 700 questions covering the General Orders; Standard Operating Procedures; Medical Protocols; Rule Book that will make up 50-60% of your exam.

We will also provide you with outlines of the SOPs and GOs on what we feel a job analysis would show as the most pertinent information to be included on the exam.

This year, all the written exam prep will be interactive and ONLINE only – you will be able to access the examinations on your phone, tablet, or computer at any time.  There will be no mailed hard copies for the written exam prep.

Sixty percent of your score will be on the Tactical and Situational Interview.  We have multiple practice scenarios and preparation strategies for each of these very important parts of your examination.  We will be conducting multiple classes to provide in-depth preparation for these portions.  Dates, times, and locationabout the Assessment Center will be forthcoming!

This exam prep package will allow you to concentrate more of your time studying when and where it is convenient for you.  The At-Home Written Exam Preparatory Prep package will be available during the entire study period until the exam date.

Battalion Chief At-Home Exam Preparation:

Right now, our Battalion Chief Exam Prep is currently on hold.  Click HERE for my thoughts!

Class Results

Past Don McNea Fire School Cleveland Promotional Class Results include:

  • Lieutenant 64 out of the first 70 on the eligibility list were Don McNea Fire School students, including 28 of the first 30!
  • Captain 36 of the first 40 were Don McNea Fire School students!

For the last 7 promotional exams, we continue to place 80-90% of our students in the top 40 on the Lieutenant and Captain eligibility list!  These results say it all about our promotional preparation!

In 1977, Don McNea held his first promotional class; he charged $1,000 for that class.  Over the years, we have tried to keep our price low so that it wouldn’t be a financial burden on your family.  We are doing the same for this exam. 

Our past classes have been in the $700-$800 price range; this year, for the Lieutenant and Captain ranks, we are charging only $595.00 for all your preparatory materials. 

Interest-free payment plans available by phone only – not available online.  See note below!

  • 3-month payment plan - $198/month for 3 months
  • 6-month payment plan - $99/month for 6 months 
  • 9-month payment plan - $66/month for 9 months

IMPORTANT NOTE:  If you are interested in our payment plans, DO NOT PURCHASE ONLINE.  First, please send an email to: and include your name, complete mailing address, contact telephone number, and rank you are testing for.  We will contact you by phone for your credit card information - payment plans must be run manually.  We will then register you for the class and provide you with all pertinent information.

Click HERE to download our FREE Promotional Guide to Higher Scores and Test-Taking Strategies that has helped thousands of firefighters and officers across the country increase their score on their promotional exam.

Promotional books may be purchased locally for faster delivery at John D. Preuer & Associates online at or call 800.253.8183.

Important Final Thoughts to Consider…

  • Your investment in this course will be recovered in the first six weeks of your promotion and you will reap the benefits for both your retirement and DROP for the rest of your life!
  • When considering the cost of the class, view it as an investment in your future and the future of your family.
  • The higher you are on the final eligibility list will affect your chances of being on a 24-hour shift vs. a 40-hour shift, better vacation, barry, and cycle day choices as well as future transfers. 
  • We will include an added incentive – anyone finishing in the top 5 after all scores are finalized will receive a 25% tuition refund!

Please note – as in past practice over the last 30 years, there are no refunds for the promotional class.

INTERACTIVE ONLINE TEST NOTE:  Once we receive your registration, we have to input you into the test website.  Once we do, we will send you an email with the website address, your user name, and password.  Then you will be able to access your online test material.