How to Become a Firefighter

Welcome to Don McNea Fire School’s How to Become a Firefighter. This webpage is the most searched and the most comprehensive site you will find.

Since 1950, Don McNea Fire School has successfully prepared over 60,000 entry-level fire applicants across the United States.

The number one cause of failure by firefighter applicants is a lack of preparation for each step of the hiring process. 92% of successful fire applicants have a game plan and are well prepared for each step in the hiring process.

In today's firefighter applicant field, you have to be a well-rounded, well-prepared candidate. We have prepared the following documents to help you along the way.

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For those of you preparing for an upcoming exam or want to be part of the 92% of the successful applicants who have a game plan and are well-prepared for each step of the hiring process, we have info on the entry-level written exam, the oral interview and psychological exams, and much more!