Should You Join the Military?

04 April 2024
Chief Brent Collins, President,

If I join the military will that help me get on a fire department?

Individuals who serve in the military will receive extra points on their exam score – it could be from 5 points to 20% of your score.  This can make a huge difference in where you place on the eligibility list.  For example, if you receive a 94% on your exam, those extra 5 points will push you to 99%.  That could move you from being 110 on the list to being in the top 20.

If you are just getting out of high school and are considering joining the military for 4 years, you would be 22 years of age when you get out.  You could still devote a couple of years to obtaining your EMT, Paramedic and Certified Firefighter certifications.  In fact, some of those certification courses might be able to do in conjunction with your military duties.

Then you would be in prime position to be hired by a fire department.  As another added bonus, there are many chiefs, including me, who like to hire individuals who were in the military.  They have a sense of responsibility and discipline which are needed attributes in the fire service.

In addition, you will always have the pride and tradition of being involved in serving our country.