Know everything about the department!

20 August 2023
Chief Brent Collins, President,

Know everything about the department before your interview

In an interview process, the interviewers might ask you what you know about their department.  If you have a glazed look on your face and don’t know anything, what kind of reflection do you think that is on you?

These individuals are trying to find out if you are the best fit for their department, yet you know nothing about it.

Know how many fire stations there are, how many firefighters and officers there are, how many runs they had – broken down by fire and medical.  How many residents live in the city?  Who is the mayor?  How many councilmembers are there?   Many times, the council meeting’s minutes are on the city’s website – go through the last 6-9 months.  Are there any issues concerning the fire department?  Is there a fire department tax issue coming up?

Much of this information can be found on the fire department’s website or look on the city’s webpage.  If you know a firefighter in that city, talk to them to see if they have the answers.

Bottom line – you want to be the candidate who impresses the interviewers with your knowledge the city and fire department.  It shows that you are a serious candidate and want to work for that city.