What Happens if I Have a DUI and Want to be a Firefighter?

22 June 2022
Chief Brent Collins, President, www.FirePrep.com

What Happens if You Have a DUI and Want to be a Firefighter?

If you had a DUI in your past, the circumstances around that conviction will depend on whether you can even apply for a firefighter position.

If the DUI was in the last 3 years, it could eliminate you from the hiring process.  There are always many good candidates on an eligibility list.  Fire Chiefs will pick individuals who are responsible in their actions.  They may look at the fact that you got a DUI; you chose to drive drunk rather than take an Uber or Lyft.  What kind of decision making are you going to have on the department?

Normally, if your DUI is 3-5 years ago, it won’t totally eliminate you, but it doesn’t put you in the best position to be hired.  Please read the blog post, Why Didn’t I Take an Uber? for additional information.

Good luck in your pursuit of the greatest job on the face of the earth!  Remember – luck goes to the prepared!