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Since 1950, Don McNea Fire School has successfully prepared over 60,000 applicants for firefighter examinations across the country.  

Past results from our San Antonio seminars include 39 of the first 50 students on the eligibility list were Don McNea Fire School Students! 

This is the fourteenth consecutive San Antonio Firefighter Examination where we have conducted preparatory classes with extremely successful results!

Hundreds of San Antonio firefighters have been hired by using
Don McNea Fire School to prepare!

    « This highly-intensive seminar will include full-length, multiple choice practice examination with over 500 questions covering the following cognitive ability and behavior aptitude exam testing subjects for your 2018 San Antonio Firefighter Examination.

  • Communication
  • Spatial Orientation
  • Selective Attention
  • Visualization/Memorization
  • Flexibility of Closure
  • Deductive Reasoning
  • Inductive Reasoning
  • Information Gathering
  • Problem Sensitivity
  • « 60% of your exam (150 questions) will be based on the behavior aptitude exam which includes the following:  Tolerance, Team Orientation, and Motivation/Attitude and the Counterproductive Workplace Behaviors and Integrity Related Personality Factors Exam. 

    99% of all firefighter applicants have never taken an examination with these testing subjects – this is where the ballgame will be won!  We have the key insight for this portion of the exam to put you in the top percentile to be hired by the San Antonio Fire Department!

Remember that the higher your score on the written exam, the higher your ranking on the eligibility list, which determines who will be hired by the San Antonio Fire Department

Bonus Material!

  • Top-Scoring Test-taking Strategies that have proven successful for thousands of applicants!
  • You will also receive our Top-Scoring Physical Agility Strategies that have been developed by our experts to help put you in the best physical condition over your competition.
  • You will receive the Texas Fire Department Watchlist – A compilation of almost 300 fire departments that includes department address and phone number to enable you to keep up-to-date examination information for departments across the state of Texas. 

Student Comments

  • "The exam prep for Behavior Attributes and Counterproductive Workplace Behaviors/Integrity Related Factors Exam alone was well worth the price I paid!  I would have paid 5 times this amount to have this kind of insight into the exam."
  • "I attended the San Antonio class for the Don McNea Fire School. I had a rank of 9th on the San Antonio list. The prior year when I did not use the Don McNea Fire School, I ranked in the 350's.  I am very happy with the improvement and successful test score I achieved."
  • "Great presentation by the instructor.  It dramatically helped me prepare for the San Antonio Fire Test.  Just having examples of the test questions and having the instructor go over them really made a difference.  I'm sure I wouldn't have scored as high as I did (98%) if I wouldn't have taken the seminar."
  •  "I am prepping for the San Antonio Fire Department Exam.  I was referred to you by several people currently in the department.  Every single one of them swear by your program and highly suggested I attend your seminar."
  •  "After using the Encyclopedia of Firefighter Exams and attending the seminar, I ranked 11th on the eligibility list, with the 3rd highest score (before adding veteran's points).  Thank you!"
  • "I recently took your San Antonio seminar and wanted to send you a quick note to express my thanks.  The practice examinations I took in your seminar without a doubt helped me to score in the high 90s on the exam.  I'm on my way to becoming a San Antonio firefighter thanks to you.  Again, thank you very much!"
  • "The practice examination material was extremely informative and was perfect prep for the test.  The practice exams were helpful to a person like me who has been out of school and testing for six years.  Thank you to all who were involved in Don McNea Fire School."
  • "I took the I/O Solutions exam previously and finished with a very disappointing score of 82%.  My dream department was testing and there was no way I was going to score that low again.  I did an internet search and found your exam prep.  My score increased to 96.4%, which put me #1 on the eligibility list.  I really can't say thank you enough!"

Our best testimonials come from current San Antonio Firefighters who have been successful by preparing with our materials over the last 16 years.  If you are not sure whether our materials will help prepare you for this exam, we ask that you talk to a San Antonio firefighter who has successfully prepared with us in the past.

Your Opportunity!

The cost of this seminar and listed preparatory materials is only $89.00 – same price since 2003! 

NOTE:  If you have recently purchased Don McNea Fire School's Encyclopedia of Firefighter Examinations at our website,, that was recommended by the San Antonio Fire Department Recruitment Unit, in preparing for your San Antonio Firefighter Examination, the cost of this seminar is only $79.00! 

Please note – the 500-practice examination questions in our seminar will be different questions than those included in the Encyclopedia of Firefighter Examinations book you may have already purchased. 

When considering the cost of the class, view it as an investment in your future or the future of your family!  Your investment in these classes will actually be returned to you in your first hours as a San Antonio firefighter!  In the job market today, there are not many employment opportunities that offer the same competitive salary, benefits, chance for advancement and job security as the career of a San Antonio firefighter does. 

Our Final Thoughts…

You have to ask yourself the following question ~ Will I be adequately prepared for the behavior attributes, counterproductive workplace behaviors/integrity related personality factors exam to put me in the top percentile to be hired as a San Antonio firefighter?  Don McNea Fire School will be focusing the seminar on these most important testing subjects. 

For those of you who have never attended a Don McNea Fire School seminar before, we don't blame you for being skeptical.  What we can tell you is that by attending our seminar and practicing with over 500 custom-designed practice examination questions , you WILL dramatically increase your chance of becoming a San Antonio firefighter.  Our past classes' successful results prove that!

We have been conducting preparatory classes since 1950; this is what our business specializes in.  The instructor for the seminar has personally taught over 10,000 fire candidates across the country with extremely successful results.  

If you feel at this time that you are adequately prepared for this examination, we wish you the best of luck.  If you want that extra edge over your competition that our testing materials and seminar will provide, this class is for you!  Remember that luck goes to the prepared!

Now it's up to you - you can fall into two categories.  One is the 90% of fire applicants who never prepare for an examination and are extremely disappointed in their results.  Or, are you going to be in that 10% that starts preparing for the examination early and are confident, relaxed and ready to meet this very important testing challenge?  That 10% represents most fire applicants that get the job - those that really want it! 

The instructor for your San Antonio Preparatory Seminar will be Chief Brent Collins, who is also President of Don McNea Fire School.

Past results from our San Antonio seminars include 39 of the first 50 students on the eligibility list were Don McNea Fire School Students!

Class Dates/Location

The seminar will be held on Saturday, May 19 th, from 1:00 pm – 6:30 pm, in the Ballroom of the Marriott Plaza San Antonio, 555 South Alamo, San Antonio, Texas 78205.  Please call them at 210-229-1000 if you need directions.  Class size will be limited to 200 students. 

All of our San Antonio seminars over the past 15 years have been sold out – this is not a public relations statement, it's a fact!   Remember that thousands of applicants are expected to apply to take this examination – this seminar will give you that needed edge!

Seminar Registration

If you would like to register for the seminar using your credit card, click on the links below or call toll-free at 1-800-989-FIRE. You must register no later than 10:00 PM on Friday, May 18th. 

You may also register for the seminar by clicking on the "Mail In Form" button below and sending the registration form with your money order or check made payable to Don McNea Fire School or credit card information in the amount of $89.00 for the seminar ($79.00 if you recently purchased the Encyclopedia of Firefighter Examinations at to:  Don McNea Fire School, P.O. Box 265, Corinth NY  12822. 

If you cannot attend for any reason, you must cancel 48 hours before classes begin in order to receive a refund.  If you have any questions, you may contact us at 1-800-989-FIRE.

PLEASE NOTE:  When the class sells out, the notice will be on our toll-free number as well as our web site.   If you have received an order confirmation number – you are registered for the seminar!

If you would like to print out a form and mail in your order, please click below:

Mail In Form

Click below to register for the San Antonio Firefighter Exam Seminar – price is $89.00!

San Antonio Seminar        $89.00 Sold Out!

If you have recently purchased the Encyclopedia of Firefighter Examinations as recommended by the San Antonio Recruitment Unit on our website, click below to register for the San Antonio Firefighter Exam Seminar at a discounted price of $79.00!

San Antonio Seminar with prior Encyclopedia purchase   $79.00 Sold Out!

Click here if you cannot attend the San Antonio but would like to purchase Don McNea Fire School's Encyclopedia of Firefighter Examinations as recommended by the San Antonio Fire Department Recruitment Unit, click below - price is $24.95 + $6.95 Priority Mail (2-3 day mailing time) shipping/handling (total $31.90)

 Encyclopedia of Firefighter Examinations    $24.95 + $6.95 s/h


Click here if you that cannot attend the San Antonio but would like to purchase Don McNea Fire School's Encyclopedia of Firefighter Examinations as recommended by the San Antonio Fire Department Recruitment Unit, and would like to IMMEDIATELY DOWNLOAD this information (and save on shipping charges!) click below - price is $24.95

Encyclopedia of Firefighter Examinations Download   $24.95


If you would like that ultimate edge to prepare for the San Antonio Firefighter Examination, click here to purchase both the Don McNea Fire School San Antonio Preparatory Seminar AND the Encyclopedia of Firefighter Examination as recommended by the San Antonio Fire Department Recruitment Unit.

San Antonio Preparatory Seminar Registration & Encyclopedia of Firefighter Examinations Download  $79.00 + 24.95 = $103.95 Sold Out!

San Antonio Preparatory Seminar Registration & Encyclopedia of Firefighter Examination Priority Mail shipping $79.00 + $24.95 + $6.95 s/h = $110.90 Sold Out!


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