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The medical exam itself is nothing to be afraid of.  It will be just like any other thorough physical exam.  The doctor may be on the staff of the hiring agency or someone outside the department with his or her own practice, just like your own doctor.  Your blood pressure, temperature, weight, and so on will be measured; your heart and lungs will be listened to and your limbs examined.  The doctor will peer into your eyes, ears, nose, and mouth, and conduct a thorough medical exam.  You'll also have to donate some blood and urine.  Because of these tests, you won't know the results of the physical exam right away.  You'll probably be notified in writing in a few weeks, after the test results come in.

Drug Testing

A test for use of illegal drugs can be administered before a conditional offer of employment.  Because firefighters have to be in tiptop physical shape, and because they are in a position of public trust, the fire department expects you to be drug-free.  Indeed, you may have to undergo drug testing periodically throughout your career as a firefighter.

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