Promotional  Update :  As of May 3rd, we have registered - 61 for LT and 28 for Captain for our promotional classes.

Since 1950, Don McNea Fire School has specialized in preparing over 60,000 applicants for entrance and promotional examinations across the country.  Hundreds of current Cleveland Firefighters and Officers have been successfully prepared through our entry-level and promotional seminars. 

Practice examinations for the reference material listed below for your 2017 promotional written exam are NOW AVAILABLE so that you can begin studying immediately over your competition! 

This includes questions covering:

  • General Orders
  • Standard Operating Procedures
  • Medical Protocols
  • Rule Book
  • Fire Officer's Handbook of Tactics, Norman
  • Fire Officer's Principles and Practices, Ward 

Start preparing for your exam immediately!

Up to 12-month interest-FREE payment plans are available!

Go to the link below to download our FREE Promotional Guide to Higher Scores and Test-Taking Strategies that have helped thousands of firefighters and officers across the country increase their score on their promotional exam.

FREE Promotional Guide to Higher Scores and Test-Taking Strategies

Class Results

Past Don McNea Fire School Cleveland Promotional Class Results include:

    Lieutenant  64 out of the first 70 on the eligibility list were Don McNea Fire School students, including 28 of the first 30!

    Captain  36 of the first 40 were Don McNea Fire School students!

For the last 6 promotional exams, we continue to place 85-90% of our students in the top 40 on the Lieutenant and Captain eligibility list! 

These results say it all about our promotional preparation!

Competition will be very intense for this examination and you will need every edge you can get!

The 2017 Cleveland Promotional Written and Assessment Center Exam Prep has been put together by Brent Collins, who has conducted promotional preparatory classes for the Cleveland Fire Department for over 20 years and across the country.  Chief Collins was also a lead examiner and assessor for the Ohio Fire Chiefs, conducting 100s of promotional exams. 

You can place your confidence in Don McNea Fire School, where experience matters most when it comes to preparing for your promotional!

At-Home Written Exam Prep Package

    From the last promotional exam, many of the General Orders, Standard Operating Procedures, Rule Book and Medical Protocols have been changed.   

    This package will contain almost 3,000 questions covering ALL reference material for your 2017 Promotional Exam so that you can start preparing immediately for the exam. 

    When we prepare our examinations, we have over 25-years of experience to know what the test consultants are looking for in your promotional examination to make sure you are completely prepared. 

    As those of you know who have taken our exam prep in the past, you know that our questions aren't just short, one sentence questions with one word answers. Our questions are in the EB Jacobs format meaning that they are in-depth questions and answers just like you will see on your actual exam.

    All of our written exam prep will be available in an at-home package format, which will allow you to concentrate your study time when and where it is convenient for you.

    The At-Home Written Exam Preparatory Prep package will be available during the entire study period until the exam date.

Tactical/Subordinate Counseling Assessment Center Exam Prep

EB Jacobs will once again be giving the Written and Assessment Center portions of your exam. 

Our focus is just not on the written examination – we have put an equal amount of research and preparation into the Assessment Center to put you in the top percentile on the eligibility list! 

Those of you who prepared with our Tactical/Subordinate Counseling Assessment Center Exam Prep for the past exam know that our custom-designed prep was very comprehensive and detailed specific to this testing format. 

With our on-going research, we have dramatically updated our Assessment Center practice materials by preparing applicants for the test consultant, EB Jacobs, in other major cities since our last Cleveland Promotional class. 

We have gained valuable insight by preparing applicants in other cities if EB Jacobs does not use a role player during the Subordinate Counseling exam.  If this new format is used, the candidates will be asked to present their plan to resolve the subordinate performance problems presented in the exercise materials.  If EB Jacobs does use a role player, we have updated our exam prep for that as well. 

Don McNea Fire School has already spent hundreds of hours in preparation and research to help prepare you for your 2017 Cleveland Promotional Examination.  You will not receive this type of specialized training anywhere!  This is not generic Assessment Center exam prep – this is custom designed specifically to EB Jacobs! 

As in the past, our Assessment Center exam prep and practice sessions will be in a seminar format and held over multiple days and will give you plenty of time for you to begin to practice for this important part of your exam process that is worth 60% of your score!

Important Final Thoughts to Consider…

If you're not sure about preparing with our exam prep, we ask that you talk to anyone who prepared for the 2014 Cleveland Promotional Exam with Don McNea Fire School. 

Our best testimonials come from individuals who have prepared with our material over the last 20 years and were promoted! 

    Our results speak for themselves – over the last 20 years, 80-90% of individuals promoted to Lieutenant or Captain were Don McNea Fire School students!  It's your decision who you will place your trust in to adequately prepare you for your upcoming promotional examination.

    The higher you are on the final eligibility list will affect your chances of being on a 24-hour shift vs. a 40-hour shift, better vacation, barry, and cycle day choices as well as future transfers.

    Your investment in this course will be recovered in the first six weeks of your promotion and you will reap the benefits for both your retirement and DROP for the rest of your life! 

    When considering the cost of the class, view it as an investment in your future and the future of your family.

IMPORTANT CANDIDATE NOTE:  We will not be offering prizes to our students as other schools are during the preparation period.  However, we are continuing to offer the below incentive along with our promise to strive to get the same successful promotional results that we have had over the past 20 years!

    We will include an added incentive – anyone finishing in the top 5 after all scores are finalized will receive a 25% tuition refund! 

Below are some sample grading results from previous promotional exams to give an idea of how close the scores were: 









Think about it – look how close those scores areThis is just an example of intense the competition is and how ONE question on the written examination, one key insight into the Subordinate Counseling and Tactical will make the difference between getting promoted and not!Listed below is the extra pay raise equivalent for 5, 10, 15 and 20 years and the extra increase to your DROP account…


Increase to DROP Account






Salary Increase

Lieutenant – over 5 years

$ 46,000

                  – over 10 years

$ 92,000

                  – over 15 years


                  – over 20 years


Captain – over 5 years

$ 53,000

             – over 10 years


             – over 15 years


             – over 20 years



Puerer and Associates, a local book distributor, 1-800-253-8183, has agreed to give our students an additional discount on your promotional book purchase.  Books are shipped the same day!  When calling, state that you are attending Don McNea Fire School promotional school to receive the discount!

Once you register for our Cleveland Promotional Exam prep, within 24 hours, we will IMMEDIATELY mail (by Priority Mail – 1-2 business days) all questions covering the General Orders, Standard Operating Procedures, Medical Protocols, Rule Book, Fire Officer Principles and Practices and Firefighter's Handbook of Tactics for your 2017 promotional exam so that you can begin studying immediately. 

How to Register

    If you would like to register online by credit card or payment plans – go to the links below.  PLEASE NOTE: If you pay online, you don't need to email our office – your payment is your registration.

    If you would like to register by check or money order, please click on the link below to print the registration form and mail to us with your payment. 


    At-home Written Exam package will be available during the entire study period up until the exam date.

Price of Written/Assessment Center Exam Prep and Payment Plans…

The price of the class includes both the Written and Assessment Center exam preparation!

NO ONE – absolutely no one – will be unable to attend our classes due to financial reasons.  We are offering interest-free payment plans of 3, 6, 9 or 12 months! 

IMPORTANT NOTE:  Our only requirement is that once you have set up a payment plan, you understand that you will be billed automatically for the entire timeframe you choose.

Click on the payment plan of your choice to register/purchase!

Lieutenant & Captain
(Former Don McNea Fire School promotional class student)

Pay in full – Price is $595.00 ($300.00 less than 2011 class!)

3 month payment plan – 3 payments of $198.33

6 month payment plan – 6 payments of $99.17

9 month payment plan – 9 payments of $66.11

12 month payment plan – 12 payments of $49.58

Lieutenant & Captain
(First time attending Don McNea Fire School promotional class)

Pay in full – Price is $695.00 ($200.00 less than 2011 class!)

3 month payment plan – 3 payments of $231.67

6 month payment plan – 6 payments of $115.83

9 month payment plan – 9 payments of $77.22

12 month payment plan – 12 payments of $57.92

Don McNea Fire School will be donating a portion of profits to the Fallen Firefighter Memorial and organizations that take care of fallen firefighters' widows and children.

If you have any questions, please contact our office at

or e-mail us at DMFireSchool@aol.com.