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Leadership:   Effectiveness in getting others to accept ideas and suggestions, and in guiding others to accomplish a task or arrive at a solution to a problem; assertive at appropriate times; effectively motivates others.

Positive Behavioral Descriptors:

  • Takes charge by being appropriately assertive when needed; keeps session on track and focused while also maintaining a positive atmosphere.
  • Effectively explains the rationale for standards and/or procedures; promotes understanding and acceptance.
  • Demonstrates openness, calm and self-confident in responding to employee, even when employee's tone is somewhat negative-sounding or challenging.
  • Demonstrates openness to the ideas of the employee; shows concern for what the employee thinks.
  • Encourages self-expression by the employee' openness of manner suggests valuing of others.
  • Openly deals with possible resistance; effectively identifies with employee's concerns and tries to gain the support of the employee without undermining the organization or higher management.

Negative Behavioral Descriptors:

  • Does not effectively set the stage for the session; does not effectively take steps to build rapport.
  • Is not effective in directing discussion back to main goals when employee introduces unrelated or minor points.
  • Does not attempt to identify possible employee concerns; session appears to be a "one-way" street with employee simply expected to acknowledge and follow directions.
  • Does not address employee concerns in formulating solutions to problems; hence, proposed solutions encounter overt or covert resistance.
  • Does not effectively deal with excuse-making behavior on the part of the employee' demonstrates a willingness to accept excuses rather than address issues.
  • Tends to focus only on consequences of failing to perform as expected, including discipline or related actions, to the point that morale would be damaged and/or resistance would be likely.
  • Attempts to overpower employee into accepting his/her view by projecting excessive dominance; with the likely result being that the employee is alienated in the process.

Go to the link below for Don McNea Fire School's Subordinate Counseling Assessment Center Exam Preparation:

Subordinate Counseling Exam Prep

This Subordinate Counseling Assessment Center Exam Prep package includes:

  • Our Subordinate Counseling Assessment Center Exam Prep is a complete step-by-step playbook from preparing your outline to your actual Subordinate Counseling.
  • Not only is this a step-by-step guide it's an in-depth explanation of what you need to do and, most important, contains sample suggestions on what you need to say and what critical behaviors the assessors are looking for in top-scoring candidates. 
  • 10 full-length Subordinate Counseling practice examinations
  • Our exam prep will show you how to deal with every possible training and personnel issue that you could be faced with in your Subordinate Counseling assessment center. 
  • How to put together a precise Subordinate Counseling outline to follow during your Subordinate Counseling exercise.
  • Subordinate Counseling Assessment Center Dimensions used by the assessors to grade you
  • Subordinate Counseling Assessment Center Positive/Negative Behaviors
  • Subordinate Counseling Assessment Center Key Presentation Skills

Your investment in these practice examinations could very well be the difference of being promoted and not.  Don't go into a Subordinate Counseling exercise unprepared!

If you would like to review additional promotional exam prep packages, go to our Assessment Center Exam Prep pages at the links below:

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Don McNea Fire School's Assessment Center Exam Preparation has been put together by Fire Chiefs who are nationally-recognized authors and who have been assessors for thousands of assessment center examinations.

As always, all of our Assessment Center Exam Prep products come with a no-risk guarantee.  If you are not completely satisfied, we will refund 100% of the product cost no questions asked.



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